A story about STRUGGLE

The Story of a Rock is a poignant film depicting the journey of a teenage girl forced into servitude when her mother migrates abroad for work. It sheds light on pressing social and human rights issues impacting women and children, highlighting their plight as victims of circumstances beyond their control.


Monica, a Bangladeshi teenage girl, who is left to care for her younger brother and sister when her mother, a single parent, leaves on agency work for the Middle East.

After a couple of months of waiting with no money and no word from her mother, Monica is forced to take a job locally as a housemaid. Things go from bad to worse as the food runs out, the landlord threatens to evict, and Monica’s employer requires her to work long hours while withholding her pay. Meanwhile, the corrupt work agent who sent her mother for migration work tells Monica a series of lies to squeeze out more money from her.

Faced with pressure on all sides, along with harassment from several directions, Monica “steals” her back pay from her employer to try and pay off the agency—a crime for which she is tortured and beaten senseless. Her mother now presumed dead, we feel the plight and peril of this young girl through her struggle to survive and her search for her siblings.